Darany’s Castle is an “abode for your leisure time”, a place beyond space and time, where you can spend your holidays with your family, your friends or by yourself. A place that proposes and teaches the significance of the importance of time, where sport becomes an opportunity for growth and maturation, and where your body may finally be listened to.
Sharing an experience with guides, horse riding and MTB professionals, who will be entirely dedicated to Darany’s Castle guests, tailoring each ride according to your skills and needs, will also help you to better understand your own relationship with nature.

Naturally, it is also possible to be pampered either with relaxing carriage rides to local wineries, or with a personal chef or a care trainer on site.
Ideal for companies who want to reward a good customer or an employee offering a bonus holiday.

Not least, you can enjoy our personal chauffeur service, to go shopping to Courmayeur or Aosta, to spend a special evening in some nightspot, or to make a stake at Saint Vincent’s casino or at the picturesque casino in Evian.
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